Case 194 - Department store restaurant bans fried eggs due to health and safety issues


The enquirer visited a department store restaurant with friends for breakfast and were told they couldn't have fried eggs because of 'health and safety issues'. Puzzled at this remark they enquired further. They were told it was because someone in another store had left a pan on the heat whilst frying eggs causing a fire, therefore the decision was made to stop supplying fried eggs in all store restaurants.

Panel decision

This is a classic case of an over the top (and misguided) response to a problem. The Department store chain decided to stop the sale of fried eggs in all of their restaurants as a result of a fire when a pan overheated in one kitchen. Banning the sale of fried eggs will not stop other pans being overheated if staff do not take appropriate care! Fire is a risk when cooking but one that can be easily managed. The store has now clarified that this was not a health and safety decision at all but a matter of company policy.