Case 173 - Residents have to purchase a plastic utility barrier for maintenance on their lift


Residents have been charged for the purchase of a plastic barrier to carry out maintenance on their lift at their managed housing. The cost of the utility type plastic barrier is £200 plus VAT, and the enquirer thinks smaller and cheaper ones could be purchased instead. The issue of who should pay for this type of equipment has also been raised.

Panel decision

There is a well recognised risk of falls into lift wells at open lift landing doors. The British Standard recommends the use of a barrier to reduce the risks of falls in these circumstances and also recommends that building owners (not necessarily the tenants) provide a barrier, for use by workers carrying out maintenance. The panel cannot comment on why the owners/landlords have decided that the cost of providing a barrier should be borne by the tenants. The particular choice of barrier in this case seems strange given that bespoke barriers, manufactured for the specific purpose of providing a lift well barrier are readily available and potentially cheaper.