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Case 115 - Lift out-of-order and no sign put up to warn customers due to health and safety


The enquirer was with his daughter who is disabled in a DIY store and intended to use their lift. When they got to the lift it has an 'out-of-order' sign on it. Upon asking the duty manager why another 'out of order' sign was not put at the beginning of the passageway to the lift, near the stairs, so that customers, especially disabled ones, would not have to walk about ten metres to the lift, only to turn back, his reply was that it was not done for Health and Safety reasons.

Panel decision

There is no conceivable health and safety reason why the store cannot put up a notice/sign to save disabled customers the obvious inconvenience of making the effort of getting to a lift which is then found to be out of order. This is another example of health and safety being used as a thin disguise for very poor customer service.