Myth 3: "It won't affect me, I wear a mask"

Truth 3:

Wearing a respirator is essential when using isocyanate-containing paints but you need to ensure:

  • It is the right type – only air-fed breathing apparatus is suitable for isocyanate spraying (filtering face masks are not acceptable); and
  • It is used at all times when exposure is possible - many sprayers believe it is safe to remove their mask as soon as they have finished spraying but the air still contains large quantities of paint mist that is invisible to the naked eye.

Breathing apparatus, make sure you have the correct type

Always use air-fed breathing apparatus

You need suitable air-fed respiratory protective equipment (RPE) with an Assigned Protection Factor of 20 or higher eg an LDH3 air-fed visor or an LDM3 air-fed half-mask. Suppliers of RPE for spraying will provide equipment that meets this specification. The air supplied to the breathing apparatus must be at the right pressure, filtered and clean.

air-fed respiratory protective equipment

Filtering face masks are not acceptable

Image showing three types of filtering mask that are unsuitable

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Updated 2021-02-01