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Design solutions can reduce the risk of MSDs

Nurses develop new trolley for treating patients with leg ulcers

When community nurse Linda Harris set up a leg ulcer clinic, she soon found she had to spend long periods of time kneeling on the floor, and would have to maintain a flexed and twisted body posture while cleaning or dressing patients’ legs.

She was determined to provide continuity of care for her patients, so Linda and the nursing team at Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust explored the market for suitable equipment. When none could be found, they set about developing a prototype for a height-adjustable trolley and footbath.

The Harris Trolley is the result – made of stainless steel, it is height-adjustable, with removable, heat-resistant trays for holding wash bowls, instruments, compression bandages and debris. The trolley is now in production and allows leg ulcers to be bathed and dressed at a height that is suitable for the patient and the nurse.

The involvement of Linda and other healthcare staff in the design of new equipment and devices work has been recognised by the Royal College of Nursing:  
‘The invention of the Harris Trolley shows the value of empowering frontline nurses in how patient care is designed as well as delivered. In this case, the result is a win-win because patients have a good care experience and nurses can practise more comfortably and reduce the risk of sustaining injuries.’
- Sheila Marriot, Regional Director, Royal College of Nursing, East Midlands.

Updated 2017-09-15