Mining Industry Safety Leadership Group meeting minutes - 28 November 2012

Kellingley Mines Rescue Centre


  • British Gypsum
    Dr P Holmes
  • CPL
    Mr P Baines (Chairman)
  • HSE
    Mr S P Wing
    Mr N P Hill (Secretary)
    Mr T Fox
  • NUM
    Mr C Kitchen
  • MRSL
    Mr A Watson - Agenda item 6
  • UDM
    Mr B Blenkinsopp
  • UK Coal
    Mr A Fulton
  • Unite
    Mr T Bush
  • Winsford
    Mr G Dunn
    Mr J Nobblett


  • BACM
    Mr P Carragher
  • CPL
    Mr S Hunter
  • Maltby
    Mr P Wilson
    Mr J Huitson

1. Introduction

Mr Baines welcomed members to the 8th Meeting in particular Mr Denton attending for the first time since becoming HMCIM on 9 June 2012.

2. Minutes of last meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true record of the 7th Meeting held on 18 July 2012.

3. Matters arising

3.1 (item 4.5 of previous minutes)

Minutes of MISLG meeting were routinely circulated to other sectors of the industry.

3.2 (item 5 of previous minutes) 

The sector strategy report would be presented at a later meeting.

3.3 (item 6 of previous minutes) 

Membership for a working group on diesel vehicle consent guidance had not been forthcoming; this issue would be reconsidered pending further progress with the Mining Legislation Review.

3.4 (item 8 of previous minutes)

MISLG had assumed the role of the Qualifications Review Group (QRG) to support the Ofqual criteria for qualification development.

4. Major hazard quality assurance

Mr Baines noted work previously undertaken by the Group since its inception.  He proposed consideration be given to major hazard quality assurance in the four main areas of ground control, shafts, ventilation and fires to re-evaluate current practice and identify how quality assurance is applied and ratified by each operator.

It was noted that whilst current practice generally complied with legislative requirements it may not necessarily represent best practice and exploration of this concept may reveal further action was required to improve standards of risk management.

Mr Fulton drew attention to work undertaken throughout the global industry that may assist in this work.  Mr P Foster, University of Exeter would be invited to attend the next meeting to present details of the "Global Mineral Industry Risk Management" (GMIRM) methodology for risk assessment.

Action:  Mr Hill

Mr Dunn considered that identification of major hazards, the management structure controlling the risks from them, the competence of those involved in all processes and the quality assurance arising from the exercise should be re-evaluated rather than focussing on quality assurance alone.

It was proposed that the next series of meetings concentrate on individual companies' approach to controlling each major hazard, and their risks, and undertake peer critique of the processes surrounding safety critical activities.

Accordingly, Mr Baines agreed to present a study of ground control issues identified at CPL to the next meeting.

Action:  Mr Baines

5. Mining legislation review update

Mr Denton updated progress with the mining legislation review noting work undertaken by the HSE Policy Team towards preparation of new draft regulations.  It was anticipated an early draft of the principles to be applied to the process would be available early in 2013.  The target for completion of all work was still October 2014.

6. MPQC Board representative

Introducing the qualification structure and the role of Mineral Products Qualifications Council (MPQC), Mr Watson said that whilst all other extractive industry sectors were represented on the MPQC Board the deep mines sector was not.  He outlined representation of the main MPQC Board, Council, Training and Education and Quality Management Committee members and considered a deep mines sector representative should be provided for the main Board.

An alternative standard setting route was currently being explored however the MPQC route was presently in place and membership on the Board could benefit the industry.

The "Employer Ownership of Skills", Round 2 Prospectus, was circulated and Mr Watson reviewed the bidding process and availability of funding and said that any decision on both funding bids and main Board members should be made by MISLG.

Following discussion of appropriate representation, and the role that member would be expected to discharge in behalf of MISLG and the industry, Dr Holmes agreed to join the main Board on the understanding that each employer submitted a representative to the Qualifications Council.  Trades Unions also agreed to consider this role.  Members were asked to forward names of representatives to the secretary.

Action:  Members

7. Research

7.1 Ground Control Working Group

Mr Fulton reviewed proceedings of the first meeting of the Dynamic Ground Control Working Group meeting held on 18 October 2012 noting membership, its terms of reference etc, the 4 papers presented by industry and the website created for sharing of information and best practice arising from the work.  The second meeting would take place on 13 December 2012.

7.2 Traceability of explosives

Mr Denton agreed to explore issues associated with traceability of explosives with the Explosives Inspectorate.

Action: Mr Denton

7.3 NOx

Mr Denton reported that the EU Standing Committee on NOx exposure limits continued to propose substantial reductions in exposure limits that could have significant impact on the extractive industries.  He said consideration of the practicality of introducing and measuring specific exposure levels was ongoing, not least in cognisance of the difficulties that diesel vehicle fleet operators would experience following introduction of lower limits, particularly in the underground environment.  Research into the effects of exposure to NOx was inconclusive.

7.4 Fire Working Group progress

The progress of both the MISLG Vehicle and Conveyor Fire Working Groups were reviewed.  The secretary agreed to circulate minutes from previous meetings.

Action: Mr Hill

8. Date, place and time of next meetings

9. Close

Mr Baines closed the meeting and thanked members for their attendance and contributions.