Mining Industry Safety Leadership Group meeting minutes - 26 November 2014

Foundry House, Sheffield


  • British Gypsum
    Dr P Holmes
  • Compass
    Mr G Dunn
  • CPL
    Mr S Hunter
  • Hatfield
    Mr R Lucas
  • HSE
    Mr N P Hill (Secretary)
  • Mines Rescue
    Dr B Jones
    Mr A Watson
    Mr T Fox
  • Prospect
    Mr P Carragher
    Mr M McDonald
  • UK Coal
    Mr S Hoult (Chairman)

    Mr M Howarth


  • Mr T Bush (Unite)
  • Mr S Denton (HSE)
  • Mr M Williams (HSE)

1. Introduction

Mr Hoult welcomed members to the meeting and reviewed the purpose of the group noting members' differing objectives and businesses and proposed members continued to learn from each other's approach to the sector strategy; it was hoped this could be agreed and signed off shortly.  It was noted that BACM became part of Prospect with effect from 1 November 2014; Mr McDonald would represent future coal mining interests.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true record of the 12th Meeting held on 17 July 2014.

3. Matters arising

3.1 (Item 4 of previous minutes)

Messrs Hoult and Fox had considered the impact of shift patterns and text proposed for inclusion in the sector strategy would be circulated.

Mr Dunn agreed to revise "leadership" within the following 2 weeks.

Action: Mr Dunn

The "involving the workforce" had yet to be considered; Mr Howarth agreed to consider this revision.

Action: Mr Howarth


3.2 (item 5 of previous minutes)

The MLR programme of meetings had been completed with various attendees from industry contributing.

3.3 (item 7.4 of previous minutes)

The Rockbolting guidance was now complete.

4. Mining legislation review/update and guidance document

Mr Hill presented an update of progress with MLR.  In discussion members requested a final meeting to sign off their understanding of the complete guidance document prior to 16 December 2014.  Mr Hill agreed to pursue with HMCI.

Action: Mr Hill


Mr Hill asked members to confirm numbers planning to attend 15 and 18 December EAWR guidance consultation days at Stoke office.

Action: Members


5. Feedback from HSE initiatives

5.1 Intervention construction

Mr Hill said that the focus of the intervention process was to focus on major hazards, exit, escape and rescue.  Further work would be undertaken to align interventions with the new regulations during the transition process.

5.2 Intervention process

Discussing the intervention process, members expressed the view that the interventions process and plan was not necessarily negotiated and agreed with operators at the start of the year and that some interventions, escape and rescue etc. were planned to take place early in 2015 even though the regulations were changing with effect 6 April 2015.

Mr Hill reported that further work to develop the 2015 intervention plan would be carried out on 27/28 November 2014 and he agreed to convey members comments to HMCI.

Action: Mr Hill


Members also expressed the view that they were unaware of positive outcomes from interventions taking place elsewhere however they may engender further improvement in each organisation; it was proposed that this information be shared through MISLG at future meetings.

Mr Dunn suggested that future interventions could include an MISLG member from another organisation to identify and share best practice.

Members reaffirmed they wanted continuity of lead inspector, agreed content of interventions and timetable.  Mr Hill agreed to raise these points with HMCI.

Action: Mr Hill

5.3 Emerging outcomes of benefits

Improvements in leadership, understanding of competency needs and SPIs and SMS had been in evidence during 2014/15.

5.4 Sector preparedness for new legislation and risk based methodology

Further work refining SPIs and risk control measures and monitoring/SMS was required to ensure they remained effective.

5.5 2015

It was reported that the focus would remain largely the same for 2015 with further work to develop major hazard leadership capability and competence management to be undertaken during 2015/16.

Mr Hunter presented an overview of the major hazard competence management programme currently being carried out at Boulby mine to determine the adequacy of the safety critical systems in place eg ground control. 

Dr Holmes requested that the intervention plan and guidance for Mines Rescue be considered by MISLG during preparation to ensure it was a tripartite agreed plan and that industry had clear understanding of, and be part of, the design of the objectives within the plan.

It was proposed this topic would be considered by a sub group to report findings to the March MISLG.

Mr Hill agreed to take these views to the meeting arranged for 27/28 November 2014.

Action: Mr Hill


6. Sector Strategy document

Mr Hoult noted work still to be completed on leadership, workforce involvement and shift patterns and asked members to consider aspects with a view to agreeing the content by 12 December, to be signed off by 19 December with a view to publication by the end of the year.

Dr Holmes agreed to co-ordinate.

Action: Dr Holmes


Mr Hill agreed to re-circulate the document and reconsider the intervention strategy with Mr Denton.

Action: Mr Hill


7. How is the sector meeting its objectives

Mr Hoult asked members to consider the content of future meetings and proposed members be prepared to demonstrate how each sector was meeting its own objectives in recognising and managing major hazard risks and monitoring major hazard SPIs.

UKCoal - Mr Howarth presented work being carried out within UK Coal to ensure a safe rundown of the existing deep mines.  Key roles and responsibilities had been identified for the reduced workforce and strengthened by a full suite of KPIs.  He said that the focus had been to ensure adequate protection was in place and all processes were checked and reviewed to ensure compliance.

Hatfield –A complete reassessment of major hazard risks had been undertaken and supplemented by a framework of measures required to address the risks.  Senior management had been given ownership of each major hazard and their effectiveness in managing these was audited and monitored; it was planned that all major hazards would be reviewed by the end of 2014 with audits in place.

CPL – Mr Hunter drew attention to auditing of ground control at Boulby and monitoring and recording of outcomes against KPIs, noting control measures in place.  He drew attention to the similar exercise applied to emergency preparedness with a minimum of 24 competent men being available at all times; extra training had been implemented to ensure this situation prevailed.

Salt Union – Mr Dunn reported that interventions had taken place on ground control, fires, shafts, escape and rescue and explosives and ECI; he was content that improvements in attitude towards the control of major hazards had taken place as a result of the intervention process.  Further work to refine behavioural aspects would be undertaken shortly.

St Gobain – BG major hazard update was presented detailing the monthly and quarterly reporting pack showing lost time injury rates and the management audit process (and defects per audits), Dr Holmes illustrated activities within the planned maintenance scheme, the SPIs controlling each major hazard and progress towards compliance.  The ground control SPIs progress towards plan and non-compliance report, geotechnical mine stability plans and reviews together with major hazard tracking results and score cards were also presented.

8. Future chairmanship

Mr Hoult agreed to continue as chair for 12 months; requested that subsequent chairmen be agreed at the March 2015 meeting.

9.  Date, place and time of next meeting

The next meeting would be held on:

11 March 2015 at
Mansfield Mines Rescue Station

10. Close

Mr Hoult closed the meeting and thanked members for their attendance and contributions.