Mining Industry Safety Leadership Group meeting minutes - 13 March 2012

Boulby Mine


  • British Gypsum
    Dr P Holmes
  • CPL
    Mr P Baines (Chairman)
    Mr S Hunter
  • HSE
    Mr S P Wing
    Mr M Lawton
    Mr N P Hill (Secretary)
  • Salt Union
    Mr G Dunn
    Mr J Nobblett
  • UDM
    Mr B Blenkinsopp
  • UK Coal
    Mr A Fulton


  • BACM
    Mr P Carragher
  • Maltby
    Mr G Huitson
  • NUM
    Mr C Kitchen
    Mr N Wilson

1. Introduction

Mr Baines welcomed members to Boulby.

2. Minutes of last meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true record of the 5th Meeting held on 24 January 2012.

3. Matters arising

3.1 (item 4 of previous minutes)

Mr Hill agreed to obtain the Hargreaves EQI methodology from Mr Huitson.  The CPL EQI process had been circulated as agreed and operators initial safety plans and programme for delivery would be addressed by agenda item 5.

Action:  Mr Hill

3.2 (item 5 of previous minutes)

Research would be addressed by agenda item 6.

3.3 (item 6.1 of previous minutes)

Mr Fulton agreed to pursue preparation of a draft remit for a rockbolting guidance working group.

Action:  Mr Fulton

3.4 (item 6.2 of previous minutes)

Mr Lawton gave an overview of the work being undertaken as part of the legislative review noting that a policy team would shortly be formed to consider existing legislation and prepare replacement legislation-led packages for the mining industry.  The usual formal statutory consultation process would accompany any proposed draft regulations; informal consultation with industry would be undertaken throughout the preparation process to ensure all views were captured.

Mr Lawton said he would clarify the timetable for the process at the next meeting.

Action:  Mr Lawton

This topic would form an agenda item at the next meeting.

Action:  Mr Hill

4. MISLG plan of work

The proposed plan of work had previously been circulated.  Mr Baines drew attention to the draft matrix and asked members to consider and comment on the content, timescale for delivery etc.

Mr Wing drew attention to aspects of competence to be included in Mines Competence Management Systems (CMS) and success criteria and said these would form part of a structure for future inspection and enforcement regimes.

He said that HSE Specialised Industries had recently agreed generic principles for competence and that these would be applied across Specialised Industries, thereby enabling comparisons to be identified and best practice to be shared.

5. Annual safety plans and programme for delivery

5.1 CPL

Mr Hunter presented the 2012 focus for the CPL annual safety plan including behavioural and safety goals for teams and individuals.  All individuals would be required to undertake EQI and supporting documentation, development reviews etc, would identify the competencies required.  Accidents would be investigated in behavioural and accountability terms to engender effective implementation of safety systems and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Mr Baines reviewed the success of this approach and drew attention to issues emerging from the recent climate survey undertaken, noting that previous exercises had identified improvements in working practices and procedures and that these had been taken forward by small workforce working groups.

5.2 UK Coal

Mr Fulton drew analogy between the proposed plan of work and UK Coal activity and illustrated objectives for improvement, noting the reduction in lost time injuries, particularly in respect of personal injuries, as a result of the proactive safety action and improvement plan implemented during 2011.

The plan included safety behaviours, near-hit recording, leadership, safety talks and improved training initiatives.  A review of 4 major hazards, fire and explosion, transport, falls of ground and ground control was planned, supported by a review of operating instruction and standards.

5.3 British Gypsum

Dr Holmes updated the British Gypsum major hazard safety plan results noting overall improvements during 2011.  Two major hazards had been targeted, falls of roof and diesel plant fires and Safety Performance Indicators (SPI's) developed.

Dr Holmes detailed the process undertaken and progress to date, reporting that further work consolidating a generic policy for the major hazard assessment plans for all British Gypsum sites would subsequently be undertaken.

A programme of training, by the Mineral Products Qualifications Council (MPQC) would subsequently supplement this process to enhance levels of leadership, supervision and improve individual behaviours and safety awareness.  In conclusion Dr Holmes illustrated details of injury rates and ratios by site, noting levels of compliance with safety instructions discussions etc.

5.4 Salt Union

The top 3 major hazards to be addressed by Salt Union, controlling contractors, shafts and risk assessment were presented.  Mr Noblett detailed work carried out between September 2010 and October 2011 analysing incidents involving contractors, noting that 77% of drivers received bans from the site as a result of their activities, and detailed solutions implemented.

Modifications to the mineral winding shaft had been carried out to upgrade skips, signalling system and winding equipment.

He said that a COMAH-style risk assessment would be carried out during 2012 together with external major hazard risk assessment and a review of existing risk assessments.  A programme of over-inspection recently implemented was also reviewed.

Mr Baines proposed that operators populate individual plans together with key performance indicators and progress towards targets with a view presenting this information to the July meeting.  The plans should include safety training objectives, this subject may be incorporated within workforce involvement as appropriate.

Action:  Operators

Secretary's Note:  Operators are requested to populate the template and forward to the Secretary by the end of May 2012 for collation into an MISLG plan.  This would be circulated prior to the July meeting.

6. Research

MISLG accepted the terms of reference for the Engineering Liaison Committee.

Mr Fulton agreed to consider provision of an industry chairman for this forum and a draft remit for a rockbolting guidance working group.

Action: Mr Fulton

Research would form an agenda item at the next meeting.

Action:  Mr Hill

7. Date, place and time of next meeting

18 July 2012 - venue to be arranged.

8. Close

Mr Baines closed the meeting and thanked members for their attendance; he recognised Mr Wing's contribution to the forum prior to his impending retirement on 8 June 2012.