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Mining Industry Safety Leadership Group meeting minutes - 6 February 2014

Boulby Mine


  • Aberpergwm
    Mr C Daniels
  • British Gypsum
    Dr P Holmes
  • Cleveland Potash
    Mr P Baines (Chairman)
  • Hargreaves
    Mr G Huitson
  • HSE
    Mr S Denton
    Mr M Lawton
    Mr N P Hill (Secretary)
  • Mines Rescue
    Dr B Jones
    Mr T Fox
  • NUM
    Mr C Kitchen
  • UDM
    Mr R Blenkinsopp
  • UK Coal
    Mr T Spurry
    Mr S Hoult
  • Winsford
    Mr G Dunn
    Mr J Noblett


  • Mr S Zanker (Hargreaves)
  • Mr S Hunter (CPL)
  • Mr P Carragher (BACM)
  • Mr T Bush (Unite)

1. Introduction

Mr Baines welcomed members to the meeting noting it was 9 months since the 22 May 2013 event.

2. Minutes of last meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true record of the 10th Meeting held on Wednesday 22 May 2013.

3. Matters arising

3.1 (item 3.2 of previous minutes)

The traceability of explosives consultation package would be circulated upon request.

3.2 (item 3.6 of previous minutes)

Rockbolting guidance would be addressed by agenda item 9.

3.3 (item 6 of previous minutes)

The emergency scientific services meeting had been held on 3 July 2013 and the MISLG Extraordinary meeting had been held on 24 September 2013.

4. HSE strategy document

Mr Baines proposed that the HSE's sector strategy document be reviewed, revised and updated.

Mr Denton requested members' views on the future format and volunteered to take the next approach forward.

In discussion, it was agreed that a future framework should include major hazard areas and aspects of management, leadership and competence and the high level risks in each industry sector, with the HSE intervention strategy tailored to the individual issues.  Operators were asked to submit any comments to Mr Denton by the end of March 2014 to assist.

Dr Holmes said he would help prepare the first draft of the MISLG 2014–2016 strategy for the next meeting.  Early discussions would take place mid-March prior to consultation with TU and MISLG members.

Action:  Dr Holmes/Mr Denton

5. MISLG Working Group progress

5.1 PRS guidance

5.2 Vehicle Fires guidance

5.3 Conveyor Fires guidance

The documents had been discussed at the Engineering Liaison Committee Meeting prior to circulation to MISLG.  The documents had since been discussed at MAUK and Dr Holmes noted the extensive work undertaken to complete.   He said that some duplication existed between the documents which could be filtered out and that the guidance went beyond the scope required by MISLG.  The group recognised that working groups had not received consistent support from industry during preparation.  Further work to identify hazards, remove legislative references and reference and cross-reference material included etc was required to refine the documents.

Mr Hoult and Mr Noblett agreed to undertake this work and feed back MISLG views to working groups and facilitate a consistent approach and style to refine the guidance.

Action:  Messrs Hoult and Noblett

6. Leadership and competence

Mr Baines noted work carried out over the past 2-3 years and said that recent major hazard events that occurred at CPL had prompted reconsideration of perceptions and procedures to improve aspects of leadership and competence.

Members reported that reconsideration of major hazard control measures and aspects of leadership and competence, training, qualification and behavioural issues etc were being undertaken throughout the industry.  This approach would ensure that risks were identified and instructions given and carried out correctly.  It was important that instructions were questioned, and outcomes recorded and monitored to ensure risks were addressed by appropriate control measures, by competent persons.

Dr Holmes drew attention to the system deployed by St Gobain to measure competence and behaviours.

Mr Daniels considered the training was paramount in developing realistic, attainable plans and a workable strategy for safe operations.

Consideration of how tasks were undertaken was a key factor in understanding behaviours and safe/unsafe practices.

7. Mining Legislation review

Mr Lawton reported that the draft regulations had been submitted and agreed by the HSE Board on 29 January 2014 and posted on the HSE web.  It was proposed that an 8 week consultation period would follow, once ministerial clearance had been received, with a view to the regulations being introduced; three possible options for introduction, 1 October 2014, end of December 2014 or 1 April 2015 were available, subject to ministerial agreements.

Supporting guidance would be available on the website for the consultation process.

The 15th version of the regulations would be considered by MAUK during March 2014.

Following discussion, MISLG requested an introduction date of 1 April 2015 to allow sufficient time for the consultation process.  Mr Baines agreed to prepare a letter to Mr Myers, HSE CEO accordingly.

Action:  Mr Baines

8. Mines Rescue and scientific services

Dr Jones said that the original purpose of the Mines Rescue Service would be removed by the new regulations and that MRSL governance arrangements had been amended accordingly and articles of association revised.  A new structure was in place and would be finalised shortly but would ensure that Mines Rescue provision would remain available for any mine operators wishing to use it.

Industry was invited to consider future provision of rescue workers to ensure adequate numbers were available; Dr Jones reviewed the system of monitoring of numbers of rescue workers available, previously used in South Wales.  Further discussion between MRSL and mine operators would take place at the next meeting.

9. Research

9.1 Updating industry guidance on Rockbolting in mines

Progress with this document would be updated at a later meeting.

Action:  Mr Hoult  

10. Euro mines issues

10.1 Diesel particulates and NOX

Mr Baines reported that a position paper would be submitted by Euro mines on the technical argument on NOX and the outcome was awaited.

11. Next agenda

A draft agenda would be prepared and circulated by the Secretary.

Action:  Mr Hill

12. Date place and time of next meetin

The next meeting would take place at:

10.00 am 8 May 2014
Mansfield Mines Rescue Station

13. Close

Mr Baines closed the meeting and thanked members for their attendance and contributions.