Mining Industry Safety Leadership Group meeting minutes - 5 October 2011

UK Coal, Harworth Park


  • BACM
    Mr P Carragher
  • British Gypsum
    Dr P Holmes
  • CPL
    Mr G Clarke (Chairman)
    Mr S Hunter
  • HSE
    Mr S P Wing
    Mr N P Hill (Secretary)
  • NUM
    Mr N Rowson
  • Maltby
    Mr G Huitson
    Mr P Wilson
  • UDM
    Mr B Blenkinsopp
  • UK Coal
    Mr G Williams
    Mr S Hoult


  • Unite
    Mr T Bush
  • Winsford
    Mr G Dunn


Mr Clarke welcomed members to the meeting and thanked them for attending the rearranged event.  The group expressed their condolences to those involved in the recent mining fatal accidents at Gleision and Kellingley mines.

He noted the revised agenda, devised to identify distinct strategic actions to progress the work of the group.

Minutes of last meeting

The minutes were agreed as a true record of the meeting held on 18 July 2011.

Matters arising

Mr Hoult had discussed representation for small mines with Coalpro and would pursue further. 

Mr Wing drew attention to the importance of small mine membership and asked Mr Hoult to contact him should no further progress be made with Coalpro.

Action:  Mr Hoult

Feedback from the Mining Qualifications committee was unavailable.

The Vehicle Fire Working Group had met on 14 September; the Conveyor Fires Working Group 1st Meeting would be held on 6 October 2011.

Presentations delivered at the last meeting had been circulated electronically as agree.

Strategy for implementing health and safety performance

Mr Clarke drew attention to the CPL document identifying the strategy for health and safety performance that had been developed and endorsed by the senior management team for dissemination throughout the workforce.  An exercise to identify particular actions arising from the strategy would be undertaken with progress towards implementation being monitored, in conjunction with HSE, to ensure holistic commitment.  Progress would be reported to the Mining Industry Safety Leadership Group (MISLG) on a regular basis.

Dr Holmes considered that HSE support should be sharply focused to avoid differing approaches from individual inspectors and that interventions be aligned with the strategy to ensure consistency.  Each operator agreed to have their strategy document prepared identifying measurable priority actions, having specific monitoring metrics, and fully commit to taking these forward with HSE support.  Documents would be prepared in time for the next meeting.

Action:  Members

Major Hazard Sub-Group

Mr Clarke proposed that the Mining Engineering Sub-Committee, (MESC) chaired by Dr Holmes, should commit to a timeline by which all major hazards had risk assessments and intervention plans completed.

Dr Holmes reviewed the work arising from the last meeting, noting it was the intention that all major hazards be defined and the control measures applied to them understood for presentation to the 2013 MIME Safety Seminar at Sheffield.

Mr Kitchen stressed a review of workforce understanding was critical in ensuring the control measures had been assimilated and were being implemented correctly.  Clarity of documentation was also important, ensuring procedures were implemented and reviewed and reassessed periodically.

It was agreed that each organisation would have major hazards defined for analysis by the MESC.  This Committee would identify major hazard common themes and have risk assessments, intervention plans etc prepared for presentation to the next MISLG meeting to be held on 22 November 2011.

Action:  Members

It was agreed that the MESC would convene an additional meeting at 11.00 on Wednesday 12 October 2011, at UKC Harworth Park to progress.

Action:  Dr Holmes/Mr Hill

Gleision incident

Mr Wing gave an overview of the incident of inrush at Gleision Mine that occurred on 15 September 2011 resulting in 4 fatalities.

Date, place and time of next meeting

10.00 am, Tuesday 22 November 2011 - Winsford Mine


Mr Clarke closed the meeting and thanked members for their attendance and contributions.