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About this website

HSE's migrant workers website is designed to provide essential information, guidance and advice on workplace health and safety for workers from overseas and their employers.

The Government is concerned at the potential for abuse and exploitation of workers from overseas. HSE is committed to improving health and safety protection for all workers, whatever their employment or immigration status.

These web pages have been specifically developed to explain how health and safety law protects those working here from overseas. They also provide essential guidance on the roles and responsibilities of employers and workers under British health and safety law.

All workers get the same level of protection under British health and safety law whether they are entitled to work here or not. It applies to employers, self employed people, employment businesses (including agencies and gangmasters) and employees whether working full-time, part-time or on temporary contracts - for example as `agency` workers.

The information on this website will be useful to both employers and employees.

Workers from outside Britain may encounter unfamiliar risks in the jobs that they will be undertaking and from a working environment and workplace culture that may be very different from that of their country of origin.

For authoritative information on health and safety, follow the links in the text to the specific guidance and refer to the relevant legislation.

A number of our publications have been translated into languages other than English. These can be downloaded from the following link.