Determining your policy

What should your policy cover?

An important part of achieving effective health and safety outcomes is having a strategy and making clear plans.

You need to think about what you are going to do to manage health and safety, then decide who is going to do what and how. This is your health and safety policy. If your organisation has five or more employees, that policy must be written down.

Your policy sets a clear direction for the organisation to follow and should be shared throughout the workforce, so that everyone understands how health and safety will be managed.

Who is best placed to write it?

It is best written by someone within the organisation rather than someone from outside, as it needs to reflect the organisation's:

Consulting and acting on your policy

It should be written in consultation with the workforce, and should be signed by a person at the top of the organisation - the owner or a director. Most importantly, you should make sure your actions, and those of your workers, mirror the statements you have made.

Find out more

We have created a basic template to help you develop your policy.

Updated: 2021-11-22