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Delivering effective arrangements

Guidance on how to deliver effective arrangements will be published here in summer 2013 following further consultation with key stakeholders.

HSE's guidance on managing for health and safety is moving away from using the POPMAR (Policy, Organising, Planning, Measuring performance, Auditing and Review) model to a ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ approach.

The move towards Plan, Do, Check, Act achieves a better balance between the systems and behavioural aspects of management. It also treats health and safety management as an integral part of good management generally, rather than as a stand-alone system.

The diagram below explains how the two models work, with POPMAR in the right-hand column and the new approach on the left.

  Conventional health and safety management Process safety
PLAN  Determine your policy/Plan for implementation Define and communicate acceptable performance and resources needed
Identify and assess risks/Identify controls/ Record and maintain process safety knowledge
DO Profile risks/Organise for health and safety/Implement your plans
Implement and manage control measures
CHECK Measure performance (monitor before events, investigate after events) Measure and review performance/Learn from measurements and findings of investigations
ACT Review performance/Act on lessons learned

Legal requirements are not changing and the current version of HSG65 Successful health and safety management is still available as a free download until the new material is published.

A new edition, called Managing for health and safety, will be published in late 2013.

Updated: 2019-11-26