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Healthy Lung Partnership (HLP)

This partnership coordinates activity to reduce work-related lung disease. 

Members include HSE, other government departments, trade associations, trade unions and third-sector and professional bodies.

HLP's aim is to become a recognised presence in the occupational health world by engaging with and influencing other stakeholders and health professionals across Great Britain to tackle work-related lung disease.  

The partnership shares, promotes and encourages good control practice in the workplace to prevent and reduce exposure to hazardous substances that damage the lungs. 

HLP member organisations

HLP terms of reference


To work both together and independently in co-ordination to reduce the incidence of occupational respiratory disease due to the inhalation of substances hazardous to health in the workplace.

To share, promote and encourage good control practices in the workplace to reduce workplace exposures to hazardous substances.  

To ensure consistency of key messages across HLP members.   

To engage and influence other occupational health professionals and stakeholders to promote the aims of the HLP.    

The Healthy Lung Partnership will:

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Strategies and plans

Updated: 2021-01-18