Doing your bit - benefits of worker involvement

People who feel valued and involved in decision-making play a big part in a high performing workplace. Communicating and consulting with your workforce and giving them the right knowledge and skills is not only a legal duty but also shows that you take their health, safety and well-being seriously.

Other key benefits include:

  • lower accident rates;
  • a more positive attitude towards health and safety;
  • greater awareness of workplace risks; and
  • better control of workplace risks.

How can I improve worker involvement?

Our step-by-step guide below will show you how you can effectively and efficiently involve your workers in health and safety.

Key points:

  1. Follow each step to identify the stage you think you’re at now.
  2. Pick out the elements of the 'how you can do it' process which are relevant to you and your employees.
  3. Work step-by-step through each of the stages.

It’s a legal requirement for you to inform, instruct, train and consult with your workforce.


Tell your employees about health and safety and they’ll know about it, involve them and they’ll understand.