Up to 70 per cent of hairdressers suffer from work-related skin damage such as dermatitis at some point during their career - most cases are absolutely preventable. 

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Bad hand day campaign

Bad hand day?

Let's cut out dermatitis

Get gloved-up

Celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill

Successful celebrity hairdresser, Mark Hill says:
Buying and wearing non-latex gloves to protect our hands from skin damage makes good business sense.

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Glove trials

It's simple to cut out dermatitis; use disposable gloves, dry your hands thoroughly and moisturise to keep your hands healthy.

Hairdressers in our glove trial survey say:

  • 80 per cent found the longer length, non-latex gloves comfortable to wear.
  • 74 per cent noted that they could still handle clients' hair freely without snagging.
  • 62 per cent said they will wear the gloves for wet work in the future.

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Updated 2021-08-31