Bad hand day campaign


The 'Bad Hand Day?' campaign was launched in November 2006 to raise awareness of work-related dermatitis in the hairdressing industry. Hairdressers have been identified as one of the occupational groups with the highest risk of developing work-related contact dermatitis.

Up to 70% of hairdressers will suffer some form of skin damage at some stage in their career. The main causes of work-related contact dermatitis in hairdressers are exposure to some of the chemicals present in hairdressing products and frequent wet work, including shampooing and rinsing.

HSE and Local Authorities, in conjunction with hairdressing industry bodies including Habia, the government appointed standards setting body of the hair and beauty industry, NHF (the National Hairdressers' Federation) and HBSA (the Hairdressing and Beauty Suppliers Association) have worked together to raise awareness and promote good hand care, including the use of the correct type of gloves.

20,000 hairdressers have been targeted through seminars and salon and college visits by Local Authorities and HSE, to discuss the campaign and encourage hairdressers to 'get gloved up'.

Since November 2009, Habia has taken the lead role in continuing to raise awareness and encouraging hairdressers to adopt good practice to help prevent dermatitis.

Updated 2020-09-05