Don't DIY with gas

Remember when planning home improvements, DIY gas work won't save you money – it could cost your life.  Don't try to fit, fix or move gas appliances such as a boiler or cooker – use a Gas Safe registered engineer who has the right skills to carry this work out safely.

Unsafe gas work can lead to a gas leak, fire, explosion and exposure to carbon monoxide.
If you are having building work done in your home always check that your contractor is qualified for the work you need doing. HSE advises that if you need a new gas appliance fitted or your existing gas appliance needs to be removed or moved for building work, your contractor will need to be Gas Safe registered to do this safely.

All Gas Safe registered engineers carry an ID card so they can show you they are Gas Safe registered - always check the card. You can also call Gas Safe Register free on 0800 408 5500 who can tell you if the gas engineer is on the list and qualified for the work you need them to do. Alternatively go to the Gas Safe Register.