Fee for intervention (FFI)

Cost recovery rates increased from 1 April 2022

HSE’s fees and charges rates have had an inflationary increase from 1 April 2022. Businesses found to be in material breach of health and safety law will be charged at this new rate. Those businesses that meet their legal requirements will not pay anything for HSE’s regulatory activity.

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What is FFI?

If you are found to be in material breach of health and safety law, you will have to pay for the time it takes us to identify the breach and help you put things right.  This includes investigating and taking enforcement action and is called fee for intervention (FFI).

What is fee for intervention (FFI)?

Paying your invoice

The FFI hourly rate is £163. You must pay any invoice we send you within 30 days.

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What if I don't agree with my invoice?

If you disagree with the fee incurred, you can query your invoice, and if you are not satisfied with the response, you can dispute it.

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Updated: 2022-04-04