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Maintenance activity

Organise safe systems for maintenance work. Consider whether access to height on the vehicle be required for cleaning or maintenance, for example to the engine, plant, load area or gantry. Work at height may be avoidable, for example by asking for underslung refrigeration units on articulated trailers which can be worked at ground level.

If access to height is unavoidable and on-vehicle access is not provided, then you should provide other safe access solutions, such as tower scaffolds, gantries, platforms etc.  An example would be for repair or service of refrigerated units on delivery vehicles. If it is not safe to carry out the work off site, because suitable work equipment is not available, arrange for it to be done back at the depot.

Keeping vehicles in good order

Remember, anti-slip surfaces can change significantly with wear and need to be replaced periodically – this will need to be considered when specifying your vehicle.

Make sure your maintenance checklists include items that are there to keep the driver safe, as well as those that affect the vehicle running. Some companies have checklists to be signed at the beginning of each day to say that, for example, steps are in good condition and can be used.

Case studies