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Set up safe systems for cleaning the vehicle, for example for sweeping the load area after deliveries. Inform drivers and other workers of these systems. Have a system for checking that housekeeping standards are being met and that access equipment is clean and in good repair.

Various contaminants are present in the haulage industry.  Diesel spills, at filling stations, depots and around the vehicle fuel tank, can result in slippery surfaces. Many drivers report slipping or falling after getting diesel, oil or grease from the fifth wheel on the soles of their footwear or on the areas of the catwalk where they have to walk. Rainwater, snow and ice are also common problems.

Ways of reducing the risk of falls due to contamination include:

Flooring in refrigerated vehicles can become slippery due to the build up of moisture and ice from condensation. You should choose a slip-resistant flooring, take safety precautions to minimise ice build-up and keep flooring dry to prevent slips and skids. Think about ways to reduce the time that vehicle doors are left open at the distribution depot, to keep warmer air out and stop ice building up on the floor.

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