HSE and HMRC working together for you - growing your business

Find answers to typical questions for growing businesses on health and safety and taking on new employees in this live webinar.

Webinar overview

As your business starts to grow and you take on more employees or move premises you'll face new issues and concerns. HMRC and the Health and Safety Executive are working together to deliver a monthly live webinar about the typical situations you are likely to face. The webinar consists of two presentations, the first from HSE and the second from HMRC which signpost the tools and guidance available to small businesses and also includes a fictional case study to show how they work in practice. It looks at some of the questions you may have and guides you through the answers.

Some of the topics that will be included in the webinar

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Comments received

As an introductory webinar for small/new business it was good, very simple and easy to understand.

The session was excellent for beginners starting out for the first time.
A basic but useful webinar.

Please can we have more trainings like this - as this was relaxed, informative and very helpful/reassuring.

I would recommend it to someone who only just started a business, it was useful.
Thank you. Very informative.

Updated 2018-08-29