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ISTR: Safe to Buy, Safe to Make, Safe to Use

Institute of Safety in Technology and Research AGM and Summer Symposium

Date and location

Tuesday 30th June and Wednesday 1st July 2015,
Rendell Building, The University of Liverpool, Bedford Street South, Liverpool, L69 7ZQ

Event overview

The equipment used by scientists in our institutions may be purchased new or quite often modified or even built from scratch. It may be incorporated into existing equipment to create new experimental conditions such as changes in temperature or pressure, or facilitate a new analytical technique. BUT is it safe ?

The speakers at the symposium will explain the requirements for safe design, use and disposal of equipment and workshops will explore practical arrangements we can make.

Speakers include:

Information and booking

The symposium is aimed primarily for those who work in science and technology but will be of wider interest and all are welcome.

For further information, programme details and booking details visit the ISTR website. Alternatively, you can email the events secretary or telephone (+44) 0 1628 634523.

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Updated 2015-05-26