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HSE equality objectives

We prepare and publish specific and measurable equality objectives, at least every four years, which help HSE to further the three aims of the Equality Duty.

  1. HSE will improve understanding and promote equality and diversity in our workforce
  2. HSE will provide effective delivery of our statutory obligations on equality and diversity, with governance and accountability through HSE's Inclusion and Diversity group (IDG) supported by senior management diversity champions
  3. HSE will continue to work with other government departments, agencies and external stakeholders when developing and promoting guidance on health and safety in relation to all protected characteristics
  4. HSE will continue to build on our effective internal communications, to ensure equality analysis is firmly embedded in our work and consistently built into our policies and key programmes
  5. HSE will continue with existing inspection and investigation work, offering advice and guidance on equality and diversity issues as necessary
  6. HSE will consider the need for new and updated website guidance for all protected groups, to provide information on equality issues and increase awareness of diversity-specific messages
  7. HSE will continue to identify areas where further information is needed, consider the need for and where appropriate, undertake research to help inform the development of policies, procedures and guidance
  8. HSE will prepare and publish equality objectives, at least every four years, to help HSE further the three aims of the Equality Duty
Updated 2020-07-22