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OPSTD's Entertainment and leisure section is currently based in HSE's Glasgow office. The section has a strategic, national role to inform, advise and guide those involved in the entertainment and leisure industry throughout the UK.

This section of HSE covers the fairgrounds industry (at fixed amusement parks and temporary sites), leisure and sporting activities, broadcasting, theatres and many other adventure activities. Part of HSE's role is to ensure that members of the public can experience fear, excitement or exhilaration from these activities without exposing themselves unduly to uncontrolled foreseeable hazards and poorly designed or manufactured equipment.

The section acts as Secretariat for the Fairgrounds Joint Advisory Committee and has an advisory role at the Amusement Devices Safety Council (ADSC).  It chairs the Joint Advisory Committee on Entertainment (JACE) and acts as chair and/or members of a number of other industry advisory groups.

The section is responsible for all health and safety enforcement issues relating to entertainment and leisure industries. It takes an active role in dealing with the entertainment and leisure industries and key stakeholders including:

  • providing support, advice and guidance at a national level to the HSE operational inspectors;
  • developing and helping to deliver HSE's 'plan of work' for the entertainment and leisure industries;
  • monitoring the health and safety performance of the industry;
  • working with key industry stakeholders to improve health and safety;
  • producing guidance for the industry in consultation with key stakeholders;
  • working with national and European bodies in the development of standards (eg CEN standards).

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Updated 2021-03-26