How we work

HSE is organised into a number of directorates, the largest of which is the Field Operations Directorate (FOD). FOD is the main 'operational arm' of HSE and consists of HSE Inspectors, Industry Sector Groups and support staff/departments.

HSE currently has five industry sector groups, each dealing with different sectors of industry.

Entertainment and leisure is a section of the Operational Strategy Division (OPSTD).

HSE inspectors

HSE has a number of operational inspectors who deal with the entertainment and leisure industries on a day-to-day basis. The local authorities also provide a large number of environmental health inspectors who are trained to carry out this work in areas where the local authorities have enforcement responsibilities. Enforcement responsibility is determined by the Health and Safety (Enforcing Authority) Regulations 1998.

National Fairground Inspection Team

A number of HSE inspectors are attached to the National Fairground Inspection Team (NFIT). They have a specific role to play in the enforcement of the relevant statutory provisions throughout the fairgrounds industry.

This is achieved using a range of methods including:

  • on-site inspections (announced and unannounced);
  • investigations of accidents and complaints;
  • providing guidance and support at visits and by telephone;
  • enforcement where necessary.

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Updated 2021-03-26