Working with victims: HSE policy statement

The working with victims policy statement sets out the general principles HSE staff follow when working with victims. How these principles are put into practice and what the victim can expect from HSE is described in more detail in the Appendix. This policy applies to all contact with victims, from the start of an investigation to the end of any legal proceedings. The impact on the victim is given wider consideration than in the requirements under the Public Interest Stage in the Code for Crown Prosecutors in England and Wales, and Public Interest Considerations in the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service Prosecution Code in Scotland, which covers only prosecutions. HSE acknowledges that differences in the legal systems will incur operational variations in Scotland. However, the principles and spirit of this statement are followed so far as is practicable.

Help for those affected by work-related incidents

There are many useful sources of help and support including:

From HSE


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Updated 2022-08-03