Legal liaison arrangements

The Enforcement Guide for England and Wales contains advice on the conduct of enforcement that will be relevant across HSE. However it is envisaged that further legal advice will be required throughout the operational role of an inspector and a network of legal liaison has been established.

If you need operational enforcement advice and you are satisfied that the answer is not in any reference material available to you, you should, through your line management, contact your Legal Liaison Point:

Division Contact Location
All FOD and HID Operational Support Unit 1.3 Redgrave Court, Bootle. E-mail:
FOD Legal and Enforcement/Bootle/HSE. If urgent: VPN 523 3992
Nuclear Safety Division (NSD) Operational Strategy Unit (NSD4B) 4N.G Redgrave Court
VPN 523 4336

All requests for advice will either be dealt with by the Legal Liaison Point or will be passed on to Legal Adviser's Office.

There are a number of places in the Enforcement Guide where this route for advice is suggested. In certain circumstances (highlighted in the Guide), information regarding a point of law should be addressed directly to Legal Adviser's Office.

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Updated 2021-11-02