Human torch

Science can be fun, especially now that the Health and Safety Executive and the Association for Science Education have produced their Human Torch CD-ROM to transform the teaching of standard National Curriculum lessons on safety and risk.

Human Torch is aimed at 11-14 year olds and allows them to play the role of Special Investigators in an X-files type plot about spontaneous human combustion; this is a game that will have both pupils and teachers eagerly awaiting the next lesson.

Specially commissioned film clips from an award-winning director and greater interactivity are used to take players through a series of missions, each with clear learning objectives, where they investigate a bizarre death. Multimedia activities let them return to the crime scene, find clues and test them in a forensic laboratory. Video sequences enable 'interviews' with witnesses and experts and advance the plot. The computer activities are enriched with dramatic classroom experiments so pupils can 'reconstruct the crime'.

Watch a video clip of human torch

Click below to see a video clip of the human torch:

How to obtain a copy of the human torch

Human torch is part of a series of resources that have been developed for Science Year. These resources have been distributed to schools via a series of CDs. One free copy of each Science Year CD ROM is available to all UK middle and secondary schools. English schools should register by email to [email protected], including full name, address and postcode details of your school. Please note that schools in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do not need to register. CDs will be sent to them from the relevant education office.