Talking with your workers about preventing coronavirus (COVID-19)

Latest advice on keeping workplaces safe from COVID-19

This page is up to date with working safely guidance in England. You can check the most up to date measures on GOV.UK. There are different regulations and guidance for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The latest advice on continuing to keep workplaces safe will help you assess the risks and reduce COVID-19 transmission. This includes links to advice from public health bodies and other government departments on measures not implemented by HSE.

1. Overview

We all need to work together to reduce transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). Talking to your workers can help you do this.

This guidance is primarily for employers. It may also be useful to employees and some self-employed people.

It explains how you can talk to your workers about any concerns they might have – including worries about going to the workplace.

There are also some questions on these pages you can ask your employees. Thinking about these questions should help them focus on how they can work safely.

Consulting with your workers

The law says you must consult with workers about health and safety matters, such as reducing transmission of COVID-19.

Talking to your workers means you can:

  • explain changes you’ve made to keep working safely
  • continue to run your business safely

Talking to your workers also means they can:

  • tell you if they’re worried about any workplace risks
  • influence decisions about health and safety

You can consult your workers:

  • by talking to them directly
  • through a trade union
  • through another representative

Making time

It’s essential you make time to talk to your workers about your plans for working safely.

You should always:

  • listen to what your workers say
  • take account of what they say before making decisions or taking action

Take account of individual beliefs and cultures

When you’re talking to your workers, it’s important to remember that everyone is different.

Always think about things such as your workers’:

  • background
  • culture
  • beliefs
  • personal circumstances

For more about this, see the consensus statement on mitigating COVID risks focusing on ethnic minority groups from UK Health and Security Agency (previously Public Health England), HSE and the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

Find out more

You can read our guidance on consulting and involving your workers.

There’s further advice and information on GOV.UK:

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