3. Workstations

Workstations are areas where workers routinely or regularly work and can include:

  • desks or tables in the workplace
  • production or processing lines
  • areas by machinery that workers need to operate
  • desks within workers' homes if they are working at home
  • vehicles

Consider the following:

  • Look at how you can organise workstations to allow people to meet social distancing rules
  • Review layouts and processes to allow people to work 2 m apart from each other where possible
  • Use floor tape or paint to mark areas
  • Manage occupancy levels
  • Avoid any sharing of workstations, including hot desking where possible
  • Limit the number of people having to share a workstation to the absolute minimum
  • Where workstations must be shared, try to keep the same set of people using them

Where it's not possible to keep workstations 2 m apart, consider these additional control measures.

Guidance on cleaning, hygiene and handwashing.

This page is reviewed regularly and updated to reflect any changes in the guidance.

Page last reviewed: 31 March 2021

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Updated 2021-03-31