4. Arriving and leaving work

Take precautions to limit the chances of anyone with coronavirus entering your premises, for example, display signs asking people not to enter your workplace if they have COVID symptoms.

Limit the number of people entering your workplace, or parts of your workplace, to avoid overcrowding. Think about if you can you arrange partial working from home for some staff.

Where possible, introduce shift working to limit the number of people in the workplace at any one time. This may also reduce the burden on public transport if your employees use it to travel to work.

You could introduce suitable barriers or screens where people regularly interact, such as service desks or reception areas. If used, ensure they are cleaned and disinfected in line with your cleaning procedures.

Consider these other control measures for when people are arriving or leaving work:

  • Stagger arrival and departure times to reduce crowding into and out of the workplace
  • Provide additional parking or facilities such as bike racks to help people walk, run, or cycle to work where possible
  • Provide more entry points to reduce congestion
  • Provide more storage for workers for clothes and bags. Encourage storage of personal items and clothing in personal storage spaces, for example lockers during shifts
  • Use markings and introduce one-way flow at entry and exit points
  • Provide handwashing facilities at entry and exit points, or hand sanitiser where handwashing is not possible
  • Where possible, avoid using touch-based security devices such as keypads. If you need to use them, make sure they're cleaned regularly


Put in place procedures for dealing with deliveries and visitors. Allocate time slots for customers.

Put in place measures to keep delivery drivers safe, this includes allowing delivery drivers to use toilets and handwashing facilities.

This page is reviewed regularly and updated to reflect any changes in the guidance.

Page last reviewed: 31 March 2021

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Updated 2021-03-31