Commercial divers' medical fitness and assessment during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Removal of most coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions

This page is up to date following the removal of most restrictions in England. There are different regulations and guidance to follow for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The latest advice on keeping workplaces safe will help you assess the risks and continue to reduce COVID-19 transmission. This includes links to information on vaccination, as well as on testing, tracking and tracing (including where variants are spreading).

This advice (issued on 19 July 2021) provides a further update, taking account of the easing of restrictions.

Arrangements for initial and annual medical assessments

All divers must have a full medical in accordance with the requirements of MA1.

Additionally, under the Diving at Work Regulations 1997:

  • divers must not dive in a diving project if they know of anything, including any illness or medical condition, which makes them unfit to dive; and
  • under certain circumstances following illness or injury, divers must be re-examined by an approved medical examiner of divers (AMED) to assess their fitness to return to work.

Specific guidance in relation to COVID-19 infection is provided below.

When you can return to diving after COVID-19 infection

COVID-19 status Minimum recovery time (with no symptoms) before diving can resume Return to work assessment by an AMED required
Previously asymptomatic and tested positive for coronavirus 1 month No
Previously had mild symptoms that improved within a week with complete recovery. Back to your usual levels of fitness 1 month No
Previously had moderate symptoms. Back to your usual levels of fitness 2 months Yes
Previously had severe symptoms requiring hospitalisation. Back to your usual levels of fitness 3 months Yes

Contacting us if you have questions

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We review and update this page regularly to reflect changes in guidance.

Page last reviewed: 31 August 2021

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