How to avoid spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) at work

Latest advice on keeping workplaces safe from COVID-19

This page is up to date with working safely guidance in England. There are different regulations and guidance to follow for ScotlandWales and Northern Ireland.

The latest advice on continuing to keep workplaces safe will help you assess the risks and reduce COVID-19 transmission. This includes links to advice from public health bodies and other government departments on measures not implemented by HSE, such as vaccination and testing.

This page will help workers take steps to prevent COVID-19 spreading in their workplace. Translations are available at the end of the page.

When working, follow these guidelines to stop the spread of coronavirus and help save lives.

Have good ventilation

Make sure there is good ventilation in your work area. Open windows if it is safe to do so. Keep doors open if you can, but not fire doors.

What your employer should do

Employers should take steps to improve poorly ventilated areas in the workplace.

Wash your hands

Wash your hands frequently using soap and water or use hand sanitiser. Try not to touch your face.

What your employer should do

Employers should provide somewhere for people to wash their hands and provide hand sanitiser in the workplace, where necessary.

Clean your workplace

Increase how often and how thoroughly your workplace is cleaned, including:

  • frequently touched surfaces
  • surfaces that are not normally cleaned

What your employer should do

Employers should provide standard cleaning products for your workplace.


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Page last reviewed: 30 November 2021

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