Case Study 3: Bateman Groundworks Ltd

Engaging the workforce in health and safety at Bateman Groundworks Ltd

The problem

Eighteen months ago Bateman Groundworks introduced a new tier of site based managers into its operations. With a shift in responsibility from head office to site, came the challenge for site managers and foreman to develop a collaborative culture with the workforce, abandoning old 'them and us' attitudes.

Completing the LWIT health and safety diagnostic tool showed that, although health and safety was given a high priority, evidenced by the fact that the company had a 'Time Out' policy, requiring workers to stop if they feel unsafe, that managers in the company were more committed to safety that the workforce.

The solution

In order to fill the gaps identified by going through the LWIT website, Batemans adopted a number of initiatives:

The outcome

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Updated: 2015-07-27