Safer sites initiative 2013 - image gallery 3

As the initiative draws to a close, take a look at our final image gallery of good and bad practice.

Working at height

Scaffolding on the front of a house

Good practice demonstrated on this domestic re-pointing job

Detail of ladder on top of scaffolding showing crack in ladder frame

Would you use this ladder at the top of a four lift scaffold?

Site order

This site got its act together following a visit from our inspectors.

Indoor workspace with wood planks, tools and debris covering the floor area

Before - cluttered work space

Indoor work area with materials stacked in an orderly fashion giving a clear walk way

After - items stored in orderly fashion

Structural safety

Insufficient propping of load bearing beam, a cross support should be in use instead of wood.

An old plank of woood propped on a wooden block used to support a ceiling

Insufficient support at this site also, made safe after Inspectors intervened:

Roof beam supported with single prop

Before - single beam used to prop up ceiling

Roof beam supported by 4 props

After - a number of beams provide support

Manual handling

Good practice - Tile lift used on this community centre repair project to lift bricks instead of relying on manual handling.

Tile lift extending to the top of scaffolding

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