Safer sites initiative 2013 - image gallery 2

The initiative is about to enter its final week, check out our second image gallery of good and bad practice.

Dust control

Lack of dust suppression and control at this site. Dry cutting of block-work with no water suppression kit or masks.

A man stands in a trench next to a partially built wall

Dry cutting of block work - with no water suppression kit or masks.

A man cutting blocks surrounded by dust

Suppression - not in use during this work outside.

Fire safety

The emergency exit in this tower block below is useless, loft insulating material blocks the route down to safety.


A fire escape blocked with insulation material

Inspectors came across the example below of inadequate edge protection, just one failing that led to an Improvement Notice for poor on site management. While the next image shows inadequate makeshift edge protection in use.

Red movable barriers surround a stairwell

Failings that led to an Improvement Notice for poor on site management

movable barriers surround a hole on a work site.

Makeshift - an example of makeshift edge protection used on a site.

Working at height

The end of an aluminium ladder showing a large crack across one of the legs.

Would you use this ladder?

Good practice

A building with scaffolding all round including railings, surrounded with netting and a protected walkway constructed on the pavement underneath

Fire station - A project to replace and insulate a fire station roof.

A firestaion with a temporary roof cover, scaffolding with netting and handrails in place

Scaffold, tin roof placed over the roof and handrail around the top.

Scaffolding with large gaps

Inspectors intervened and served Improvement notice.

Gaps in scaffolding are closed over

Scaffold extended to provide a safer working environment

Bad practice

A section of wheeled scaffolding balances precariously on a plank  of wood which is supported at one end on a pile of bricks

Inspectors found workers safety hanging in the balance on this site

Scaffolding with no rail on the edge

Another precarious set-up discovered by our inspectors here


Simple, hygienic and effective – good practice for a temporary site.

Temporay plastic toilet cubical


Electrical safety given no consideration at this refurbishment site.

Piece of board with leaning against a wall with several electrical sockets wired on to it, located next to a hose and standing in water
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