Before and after photos of fall from height and good order risks on a small domestic refurbishment site

These photographs were taken on the same small domestic refurbishment job. The 'Before' shots are the conditions our Inspector found when he first visited the site (un-announced!). Enforcement notices were issued. The 'After' shots are the same site when our Inspector came back at a later date to check on compliance with the notices.


Cluttered construction site with debris, unprotected gaps in the floor and no clear walkways


Tidy construction site with wooden barriers constructed around holes

This was at first floor level where obstacles and tripping hazards were found littering the work area, and more dangerously, there were also holes in the floor which workers could easily have fallen through into a drop of approx. 3m. The 'After' shot shows the work area cleared and the holes covered.


Hole in the floor covered by loose planks with gaps


Wooden railing constructed around the hole

Again on first floor level, the 'Before' shot shows the unsuccessful first attempt at making a huge hole in the floor safe. The 'After' shot shows from a different angle the same hole made safe by fencing it off.

Planning, clearing up and reviewing the job as it progresses is key.

Updated 2021-10-07