Poor practice showing fall from height and good order risks on a shop refurbishment site

Poor practice

Found at a small shop refurbishment site. Workers were expected to work around this chaos without tripping, falling and injuring themselves. Worse still, the big black hole in the floor led to a 2m drop into the basement. A prohibition notice was served on this site preventing all work until competent health and safety advice was provided to carry out the work safely.

Front of shop refurbishment site showing the interion full of debris
Photograph detailing the chaos inside the shop site, old materials piled messily next to a large, deep hole in the flooring.
Another angle of the debris inside the site, showing the hole in the flooring.
Closeup showing depth of the hole in the floor, surrounded by debris

Lack of simple planning before starting the work was the problem. Creating the hole before stripping away the walls caused the main problem. Of course, they should then have also managed the waste material as they were stripping it away to prevent tripping hazards.

Updated 2021-10-07