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Transition arrangements

The UK has left the EU, new rules from January 2021

The transition period after Brexit comes to an end this year.

Find out what you can do now to prepare

The CLP Regulation entered into force across all EU member states, including the UK, on 20 January 2009 .  To assist chemical suppliers in managing the change from the old system (CHIP) to CLP a lengthy two-phase transitional period was applied. 
The first phase covered substances and ran until 30 November 2012.  Since 1 December 2012, the CLP Regulation has applied in full to substances placed on the market. 
The second phase covered mixtures (formerly preparations) and ran until 31 May 2015.  From 1 June 2015, the CLP Regulation applies in full to mixtures that are placed on the market.

Derogation from re-labelling and re-packaging of mixtures

There are certain limited circumstances where the transitional arrangements for mixtures can be extended. Where a mixture (formerly a preparation) has already been classified, labelled and packaged according to CHIP, and placed on the market before 1 June 2015, it does not have to be recalled for re-labelling and re-packaging.  This derogation is available until 1 June 2017.  From that date, mixtures placed on the market must comply with the CLP Regulation.

Note: there is no derogation for classification responsibilities.

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Updated: 2015-09-02