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CHIP Regulations

Changes due to Brexit

Your health and safety responsibilities will not change when the UK leaves the EU. This guidance is under review.

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The CHIP Regulations were revoked from 1 June 2015 and no longer have legal effect. Chemical suppliers should comply with the CLP Regulation.

There are certain limited circumstances where CHIP labelling and packaging of mixtures (formerly preparations) can remain on the market after 1 June 2015.  Where a mixture has already been classified, labelled and packaged according to CHIP, and placed on the market (‘on-the-shelves’) before 1 June 2015, it does not have to be recalled for re-labelling and re-packaging.  This derogation is available until 1 June 2017

If these criteria are not met, mixtures placed on the market must comply with the CLP Regulation.

Note: there is no derogation for classification responsibilities.

Updated: 2016-01-29