Gas Transportation Charging Review Group

Meeting 20 September 2000 11am - 2.30pm Room 918 Rose Court, London


Note: A working lunch will be provided

  1. Welcome and introduction, Chairman.
  2. Minutes of the meeting of 18 January, 2000, Chairman.
  3. Matters arising, Chairman.
  4. Chairman's report to Industry-wide Charging Review Group, Chairman/HSE FINU.
  5. Update on the operation of the Charging Queries Disputes and review of fitness for purpose, HSE FINU.
  6. Industry-wide Charging Review Group: report on first meeting, HSE FINU.
  7. Making the system work for industry and the regulator.
  8. Progress on COMAH component charging feasibility study, Secretary.
  9. Nominations for independent member, Chairman.
  10. Outturn 99/00: MTA, Secretary.
  11. Draft report to ICRG: discussion.
  12. Any other business and date of next meeting.

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