Gas Transportation Charging Review Group

Minutes of the meeting held 12 January 2000


Dr Neil Johnson Chair, HSE

Industry members

Mr Robin Marshall BG Transco
Miss Philippa Cohen CBI
Mr Paul Clark AIPGT
Mr David Childerhouse AIPGT
Mr Peter Roberts Safety Policy

HSE members

Mr Neal Stone Finance Unit
Mr Mark Reyland Finance Unit
Mr Frank Perkins CHID
Mrs Jean Pownall CHID

Apologies were received from:
Mr John Taylor UNISON
Mr Victor Isenwater HSE Finance Unit

1 Welcome and Introduction

1.1 Dr Johnson welcomed members to the first meeting of the Review Group.

1.2 There will be a further nominee from TUC (GMB), details to be confirmed.

2 Issues and actions arising from the meetings with industry 7 September and 18 October 1999

2.1 7 September meeting.

2.6 There will be no charge for the GCRG.
3.3 Mr Marshall is content with the explanation.
3.4 Action completed.
3.6 A meeting had not been arranged and is thought to be no longer required. This item was discharged.
3.8 This item has been clarified in the guidance and is now discharged.

2.2 18 October meeting.

Amendments to the notes of the meeting were required as follows:

1.3 Penultimate line reduced to '3 teams with a senior manager at B1 level'.
2.2 Ofgen should read Ofgem.
2.3 3rd line up insert 'Local Authorities and Housing Associations'.
2.8 Should read 'a' corporate audit.
3.5 Ofgen should read Ofgem.
4.2 2nd line replace 'dispute' by 'damage', replace 'Association 'by 'HSE' in third line, 'HSE' by 'they' in fourth line and 'Association' by 'relevant conveyor', & delete words 'apart from checking the safety systems'.
Actions Arising

1.1 The Industry-wide charging Review Group was expected to be set up Feb/March.
2.9 Action on Frank Perkins: the review of the Safety Case Handling Procedures would be completed by 31.3.2000 and a draft circulated for comment. There would be no problem issuing it but consideration was needed as to the best format.
Action: Frank Perkins

3.6 List of LAs and Housing Associations sent to Jane Soloman.
3.8 Agenda item - done.
6.1 Actioned because all present at this meeting.

3 Terms of Reference for GCRG

3.1 Paragraph 6 should read Gas not COMAH.

3.2 Para 2, 1st bullet: amend final line to read 'arrangements and the consequences of those arrangements'.

3.3 Para 2, 5th bullet: amend to read 'to consider the merits and if appropriate devise alternative charging schemes'.

3.4 The rest of the terms were agreed which meant that Item 11 of the agenda could be removed.
Action: Neal Stone

4 Terms of Reference for Industry-wide Charging Review Group (ICRG)

4.1 The ICRG was set up in response to industry request and will review its use. Clive Norris is to Chair the ICRG.

4.2 Philippa will co-ordinate industry membership, hopes to have something by the end of January. It was agreed to have 2 people from each charging review group because of the need to limit industry reps to 8.

4.3 Where says 'chairman' change to 'Chair'.
Action: Neal Stone

5 Guide to Charging

5.1 Trade union reps were asked if they had any comment. They would take away and decide.
Action: TU Reps

5.2 Gather changes if they occur and issue addendum as necessary and reprint as required.
Action: Neal Stone

6 Significant Issues

6.1 Six invoices for a total of £1,989 for quarter 7/10/99 to 30/11/99.

6.2 Robin Marshall agrees with others that there should be more detail on the invoice.

6.3 It should be transparent that HSE are not expecting blank cheques.

6.4 HSE to come back with better estimates as soon as we can.
Action: HSE

6.5 HSE committed to provide to the next meeting a cost breakdown and any proposed changes to the charge out rate.
Action: HSE

6.6 Para 22 of guide refers to the disputes panel. The procedures for the panel will be presented to CCRG next week. Mr Stone apologised that they were not ready for this meeting but a draft would be issued to members of this group within next 2 weeks. They would be given a few days to comment and Mr Stone pointed out that at this time there was not an intention to have an external to HSE member on the panel. This was deemed inappropriate as standards were in place and HSE could be measured against them. A review of this decision was requested.
Action: HSE

7 Making the system work for industry and the regulator

7.1 This item to be carried forward to future meeting.

8 Evaluation of gas transportation charging

8.1 Background - report back to ministers on the evaluation. Mr Marshall thought the list exhaustive and that item 7 is the main one and should be given priority ie moved up to the head of the list. Renumbering was not a problem.

8.2 Number 4 is minor and could be combined with number 2. Note to Mr Stone.
Action: Jean Pownall

8.3 Other members to collate comments and send to Mrs Pownall to collate and send to Mr Stone.
Action: All

9 Feasibility project

9.1 Mr Clark on both his and the Association's behalf would welcome the project. It also has CBI support.

9.2 The project needs to explore options.

9.3 Dr Johnson asked Mr Stone how, if a component based scheme was introduced, it would be done? Mr Stone explained that there would have to be an amendment to legislation to give HSE the legal power to charge under a component scheme.

9.4 A Discussion paper for next meeting would be produced by the industry.
Action: David Childerhouse

9.5 HSL had already carried out a feasibility study. Circulate HSL paper.
Action: Jean Pownall

10 Press release

10.1 CBI to be mentioned on p/r.
Action: Neal Stone

10.2 Messrs Clark and Childerhouse are happy to be represented in this instance as the AIPGT.

10.3 BG Transco: insert 'plc'.
10.4 Notes to editors 3: amend April to March.

11 HSC/E's fundamental review of gas safety

11.1 This item was deleted.

12 Any other business

12.1 There was no other business.

13 Date, venue and time of next meeting

13.1 20/9/2000 Room 918 Rose Court.

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