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Occupational Cancer - Frequently asked questions

Cancer and carcinogens

How do I know if I am using/working with a carcinogen?

If you are using a hazardous substance your employer has to undertake a COSHH risk assessment and must provide you with the information about the hazards, risks and control measures, and instruction and training to use the control measures.

Am I more at risk from some carcinogens than others?

Carcinogens have a varying potential to cause occupational cancer, whether you are at risk depends on the kind of work that you do and whether there are measures in place to prevent exposure to particular carcinogens that might be present in your workplace.

I work with carcinogens but my employer has no procedures in place to control exposure to them. What can I do?

Report the matter to your local HSE office or Local Authority Environmental Health Officer. You can do so anonymously. Further information can be found on the page complaints about workplace health and safety.

Updated: 2020-07-31