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Occupational cancer - case study

This case study is an example of HSE working in partnership with industry to help develop a workable solution to reduce exposure to a carcinogen - Hydrazine Hydrate (a category 2 carcinogen). When HSE inspected Lansdowne Chemicals in 2004, it was apparent that the manual operations being undertaken were putting the workers on site at risk of exposure to Hydrazine Hydrate.  It was also identified that there was an over reliance on PPE and RPE.

HSE and Lansdowne Chemicals looked into developing a solution. Substitution was not possible as there was no practicable alternative available.  Over a number of years the company, working in consultation with HSE, developed an automated dilution system which provides for near total containment of Hydrazine Hydrate, and hence, a dramatic reduction in the potential for exposure. The benefits of this system have also been extended to Lansdowne Chemicals customers.

Updated: 2020-07-31