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Work Right

Work Right

Workplaces come in all shapes and sizes as do the risks associated with business activities, how you manage risk in a workplace depends on the type of work taking place.

The ‘Work Right’ campaign, aims to get businesses thinking about health and safety and how it applies to their businesses. The campaign looks to maximise participation and compliance in managing risk in the workplace by combining practical advice with simple actions businesses can take to manage workplace risk.

If you are just starting your business or just thinking about the risks to your workers or yourself, the Work Right campaign will help you navigate your health and safety journey.

The last few months has posed different challenges across the UK as businesses and workers have adapted to a new working environment due to the health and safety risks posed by Coronavirus (COVID-19). The campaign has one call to action which is to share what your organisation is doing to manage workplace risks and make their business covid-secure.

HSE has been working with businesses for years on how to manage risk in the workplace and are a trusted voice supporting businesses to do the right thing, and as businesses return to work will continue to do so.

When people are made ill or injured as a consequence of the work they do it has a big impact on the person affected, their family, and their colleagues. It can lead to disruption and damaged reputations for the company and has impact by adding to the costs of the whole economy, making industries companies, and ultimately Britain, less competitive.

Work Right brings together different industries, unions, professional bodies, businesses and organisations to join the Work Right conversation and share best practice.

This will ultimately help to ensure every business is COVID-secure and every worker goes home healthy at the end of the working day


Being COVID-secure means being adaptable to the current guidelines and so HSE’s inspection approach will adapt as workplaces in different sectors get to grips with managing the coronavirus risks that apply to them. Most employers want to do the right thing, and HSE will help and advise them to ‘Work Right’.

Inspectors are at every opportunity conducting workplace checks to make sure businesses are complying with the COVID-secure guidance. Duty holders can expect to be put on the spot and asked to provide evidence of the measures they have put in place to deal with the risks posed by COVID-19.

Where some employers are not managing those risks, HSE will not hesitate to take action.

Enforcement action can range from:

  • the provision of specific guidance
  • issuing enforcement notices
  • stopping certain work practices until they are made safe
  • where businesses fail to comply, this could lead to prosecution

The video below shows what you can expect when an inspector calls: