Wilson James

Company profile

  • Business sector: Construction
  • Business activities: Security and logistics
  • Location: Essex

Wilson James provides security and logistics support services to the construction industry. Wilson James worked with Stanhope plc and Bovis Lend Lease at a site with a peak workforce of over 1000 workers.

The challenge

Wilson James wanted to provide a new service for construction workers: on-site healthcare, because we believed this was the way to:

What did the company do?

The company provided a full-time nurse and a well equipped medical room. The nurse provided:

The nurse discovered many diseases- several cases of heart problems (one immediate admission to hospital), Weil's disease, skin growths (possibly cancerous), high blood pressure, glaucoma (major cause of blindness), and others.

Business benefits

Health and safety benefits

Cost benefits

This service was part of the normal site overhead and not considered to be an additional cost.

The company saved £145,000 but the key business driver was to provide a valuable service to the workers on the site. The saving was a bonus.

Updated 2022-01-07