St Regis Paper Company

Company profile

  • No. of employees: 2,400 in 1995, now 1,950
  • Business sector: Manufacturing
  • Business activities: Paper making
  • Stakeholders: Employees, St Regis and shareholders
  • Location: UK-wide

St Regis produces over a million tonnes of paper a year, and employs 1800 staff. By carrying out a full review of their health and safety management systems, seeking maximum employee involvement and making substantial investments in guarding, the company has reduced accident and injury rates.

The challenge

In 1995/1996 there were two fatalities in St Regis. The company had an increasing accident and injury rate and recognised that a step change in their health and safety performance was needed.

What did the company do?

Business benefits

Health and safety benefits

'By involving all employees and the trade unions, everyone has got behind the approach. It's been a real team effort and is showing results.'

Gary Seagar, Father of Chapel, GPMU, Kemsley

'By improving our health and safety management, we're protecting the health and safety of our employees, visitors to our sites and also our shareholders' investments'

Cost benefits

The use of a consultant to help improve management systems was around £100,000. Training for managers cost around £75,000.

The reduction in days lost through accidents has savings at an annualised rate of £100,000 per year since 1997. This ongoing saving, plus the large drop in civil claims, will make substantial savings for the company in the future.

St Regis has invested, in total, several million pounds in improving machinery guarding. This was in response to PABIAC and HSE's determination to improve guarding in all mills. All companies in the paper-making industry needed to make these improvements.


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Senior Management Team's drive and support helped make the initiative a success. The CEO is responsible for health and safety at board level.

Worker involvement

The GPMU (Graphical, Paper and Media Union) and other trade unions worked in partnership with St Regis to develop the action plans, drive actions at site level and monitor progress. Trade union involvement has helped to spread ownership of health and safety amongst all employees.

Updated 2021-08-03