Royal Mail Group plc Vehicle Services

Company profile

  • No. of employees: 1500 in vehicle services
  • Business sector: Public sector
  • Business activities: Maintaining Royal Mail's fleet of 30,000 vehicles
  • Stakeholders: Employees, managers, Royal Mail Group, customers and Government
  • Location: UK-wide

The challenge

When Royal Mail Group formed Vehicle Services in 1997 it recognised that its principal challenge was to develop effective safety management processes. Vehicle Services is the vehicle management division of Royal Mail Group. Formed in 1997, it has implemented a comprehensive health and safety management system. This has improved employee health and safety, reduced accidents amongst the 1500 staff, reduced days lost and assisted with civil claims management.

What did the company do?

Business benefits

'Employee safety is paramount: improved safety is key to increased effectiveness and cost control'

Phil O'Gorman, Director, Vehicle Services

'Vehicle Services can be proud of its improvement in health and safety performance; a 40% reduction in RIDDOR accidents over five years should not be underestimated.'

Melvyn Hodgetts, Health and Safety Manager, Vehicle Services

Health and safety benefits

Cost benefits

Total running costs of the management system are around £160,000 year, based on the annual cost of two safety advisors (direct and indirect costs) plus the initial cost of developing management systems.

Annual savings from fewer days lost, compensation fewer claims, reduced legal costs and less administration on civil cases come to around £370,000.


All members of the Vehicle Services Board were enthusiastic that the initiative would protect employee's health and safety, and reduce the losses to Vehicle Services that resulted from unacceptable levels of workplace accidents. The board believes the health and safety management system is an efficient and cost effective way to do this.

Worker involvement

The Communication workers Union (CWU) has supported the implementation of the new management arrangements as it has seen improvements to overall safety at work.

Updated 2021-08-03