Rosh Engineering Ltd

Company profile

  • No. of employees: 23
  • Business sector: Engineering
  • Business activities: Transformer and high voltage equipment repair, refurbishment, installation and maintenance
  • Stakeholders: Owners, managers, employees, customers
  • Location: Newcastle on Tyne and sites in UK and Holland

Rosh implemented a programme to ensure achievement of the high standards of health and safety required by centralised procurement processes. This has given them a competitive advantage

The challenge

The adoption by the electrical supply industry of a formal, centralised process for assessing the health and safety performance of contractors introduced a new challenge to Rosh Engineering. Some clients use Achilles Utilities Vendor Database and the Verify audit are used to select contractors with an excellent health and safety performance. Rosh Engineering established a programme of work so they could achieve the necessary standard first time around.

What did the company do?

A Quality, Safety and Environment Manager was appointed and a staff health and safety review committee established to ensure the necessary focus. Key success factors were:

'More clearly defined roles and responsibilities has enabled us to focus our core skills where they are best used, and our input where most needed.'

Jim Butler, Engineering Manager

Business benefits

'Health and safety skills, qualifications and authorisations are now recognised in our pay scales which, combined with the bonuses for improved health and safety documentation, is a welcome recognition.'

David Black, electrical site supervisor

Health and safety benefits

'For National Grid, health and safety are paramount and we're committed to working with our supply chain partners to deliver high standards. We will only give work to those companies, such as Rosh Engineering, who are willing to join with us in continually improving health and safety performance.'

John Duckworth, Safety Health and Environment Manager, UK Transmission

lsquo;Our key customers assess tenders on factors other than price alone. Their inclusion of health and safety targets means that Rosh Engineering must prove our high levels of health and safety performance to win more contracts.'

Ian Dormer, Managing Director

Cost benefits

The employment of a full time QSE Manager and services of specialist consultants costing around £35,000 a year has yielded a positive business benefit.


Rosh Engineering has always paid keen attention to health and safety as they work on high risk sites such as isolated electricity substations, oil and chemical plants and the nuclear industry. Customers expect a high level of health and safety awareness at all levels in the company. Adoption of the Achilles Utilities Vendor Database and the Verify audit by key members of the electrical supply industry has raised the performance benchmark for health, safety, environment and quality. Participation has enabled us to improve our competitiveness and employee relations.

Worker involvement

Establishing a staff health and safety review committee has encouraged two-way communications. Toolbox talks, site safety self audits and improved record keeping have facilitated the essential cooperation of site-based employees. Employees are encouraged to comment on the processes and procedures to ensure they are as user friendly as possible.

Updated 2022-01-07